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Man is an intelligent being.

Physical “carrier” of human intelligence is the brain, which defines a person’s identity, success, emotions and communication.

However remarkable brain is (see more), it is also a very sensitive mechanism in which we should invest.

Chemistry in the brain influences whether you are happy or sad, concentrated or deconcentrated. (see more) The brain frequency affects whether you will be successful or unsuccessful. (see more)

The environment in which we live can form our lives. (see more)

All of these factors can turn us into a stable, satisfied and responsible person dedicated to creating and helping others, or into a mentally distressed person full of problems. (see more)

Our desire is to enable each individual to shift focus from – I’m sick, I have a bad memory, I have no will power… – to the idea of perfecting the brain, which brings countless opportunities and opens new doors to the world. (see more)

The way a person lives is based on what is he like from the inside. Investments in real estate, cars, clothes and so on – do not bring contentment if you have not reached a satisfied brain. Also, if you think that real estate and cars will make you happy, accept that you have to have a strong mind in order to accomplish these goals.